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4 Reasons Why Adults Who Exercise 2-5 Times A Week Are Adding Monthly Sports Massages To Their Routine  

Did you know: monthly sports massages are recommended for anyone that participates in exercises 2-5 or more a week - not just for elite athletes. It will improve your rate of recovery and your ability to rest, in turn boosting your performance.

So What Are The Benefits Of A Sports Massage ?


Pain Reduction

Part of the job of a massage therapist is to relieve you of muscular pain. Our certified massage therapists do this by firstly identifying the root area of the pain, then using the massage technique, increase the blood flow to that area and desensitise the pain receptors.

The effect of a massage will last up to 2 weeks, so don’t consider it a long term fix. For long term pain relief a course of physiotherapy is advised alongside massages. When used together massage and physiotherapy can be very effective as physiotherapy is most effective once your pain is not severe, which can be achieved through massage. (Our physiotherapists use massage techniques in their sessions to aid with this). Once the pain is manageable, muscles can regain their strength through physiotherapy, to prevent the pain from reoccurring.


See our physiotherapy page for more info on physiotherapy.


Improve muscle/tissue health

Massage helps to increase the blood flow to a targeted area, in turn delivering oxygen and other required nutrients to the muscle. The result: muscles that feel stronger and are more flexible! To maximise the benefits of the massage, we highly recommend a stretching routine in the days following the treatment. This will leave you feeling lighter and more flexible doing everyday tasks.  See our massage page for more information



Rapid Recovery 

It can be hard to find time to do a full stretching session after exercise, and we don’t always manage a full night’s sleep. Nonetheless, sleep and stretching are essential for muscle recovery and preventing soreness and achiness in your muscles. As well as these practices, a sports massage will help with rapid muscle recovery by increasing the blood flow to muscles, making your recovery a smoother experience and optimising performance.




After working out, we’re often left with a soreness in our muscles. That soreness is known as DOMS: (D)elayed (O)nset of (M)uscle (S)oreness. It’s normal to experience DOMS, but it can make life uncomfortable - after all DOMS is considered a type 1 muscle strain injury that has a pain free period of 12-24 hours and muscle soreness peaks between 24-48 hours. Evidence suggests that a massage by a certified therapist can help reduce the pain of DOMS and increase the rate of recovery.

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