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Types of sessions:

  • Private 1:1

  • Face to face (group) 

  • Virtual

Class Schedules:

Monday's 6:30 - 7:15pm

More classes coming soon!

Sabrina, our Pilates instructor is a physiotherapist by background, so you be in safe hands!

We run our Pilates classes as a non-profit as we understand the value and the need for everyone to do Pilates, so we don't want finances to be an problem for you accessing our class.


Want to improve your overall balance and core strength?

Want to be able to move more freely?

Want to reduce your risk of injury?

There are numerous benefits of Pilates, here are just a few:

- to prevent injuries

- promote better health outcomes

- reduces stress

- increasing better blood flow 

- reduced stress incontinence

- strengthen core (giving you tone)

- better bladder and bowel health

- improve sex performance

Do you think you could benefit from Pilates? Get in touch with us

Disclaimer/recommendations: If you are new to Pilates we would suggest booking 3, 1:1 sessions to ensure you do not cause yourself injury and you feel fully comfortable completing the group sessions.

Our classes are tailored to you, we ensure that we show variations of each exercise to match your level: beginner, intermediate or advance. Our class is a mat based class, we use equipment such as blocks and resistance bands so that your don't have to have a load of equipment to access the class - especially if you are participating virtually!

To find out more about our Pilates private lessons and classes, click the link below

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