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Sports injury? Acute/chronic pain? Broken bone?

Shoulder/back/hip/knee/ankle injury

Our approach at Physical Health Therapy is to treat the whole body, not just an isolated injury.


Our ethos is, you come to us with a empty tool box. Our job is to ensure you leave with that tool box full of: 

1. Knowing the cause of your injury

2. How to treat it

3. How to prevent it reoccurring (this comes when you feel pain-free, healthy and ready to go back to normal living)

Our treatment will be tailored and personalised to you, one-on-one to ensure our patients’ long-term health and wellness.


What does an initial assessment entail:

  1. A thorough subjective history: an open conversation to understand the history of your injury/condition

  2. A hands on objective assessment: (maintaining your modesty and dignity): we use a hands on approach to find the root of your injury/condition using special tests and movement analysis

  3. Education on your condition

  4. A specific treatment: use of manual techniques (ie. soft tissue release), stretching and strengthening exercises to fix your injury

  5. A final conversation: ensuring your expectations are met and you understand your injury/condition

  6. Documentation: at PHT we meet healthcare standards implemented by the HCPC to track, remain safe and take accountability of our recommendations


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