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Physiotherapy Assistant

Physiotherapy Assistant job summary
At Physio Health Therapy, our clients are at the core of what we do.
Without them we have no purpose. Physiotherapy Assistants are a
vital part of our clients rehabilitation journey. We are looking for a
part-time, flexible worker, who is passionate about exercise and
naturally empathetic. You will need to be able to drive in and around
the clinics local area, as well as, be able to be flexible to change your
working hours. You need to be available during the afternoon hours at
least 3 weekdays. The Physiotherapy Assistant will be responsible for
documenting patient treatments, changes in condition and other
pertinent information as required. The successful candidate will also
provide treatment and appropriate therapeutic techniques specific to
the age and condition of each patient. This position offers a
competitive salary and huge learning opportunities.

Physiotherapy Assistant responsibilities and duties

You will have a range of responsibilities, clinical and non-clinical ;

  • Setting up equipment

  • Showing patients how to use mobility aids

  • Rehabilitating clients

  • Working on exercises with patients

  • Writing reports and updating patients’ records

  • Talking client calls and handing over to a physiotherapist

  • Updating records

  • Ordering equipment

  • You will also have learning opportunities, regarding:

  • Physiotherapy as a whole

  • Specific neurological and musculoskeletal conditions

  • Exercise and prescribing exercise

  • Motivating clients

Physiotherapy Assistant qualifications and skills


  • Valid driving license and car

  • Passion for exercise

  • GCSE’s (English and Maths)

  • Current CPR and first aid certificate (desirable)

  • Caring and compassionate demeanour

  • Working in healthcare (desirable)

  • Lives in West London

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